career perception of « millennial » workers

The Future Foundation, a research agency, conducted a survey polling 1,000 young workers (from 16 to 25), in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, South Africa, UK, and USA. The study focused on the career concerns and challenges of this « millennial » generation.

Globally, they highlight the importance of technological and digital skills, but also « soft » ones such as inter-personal communication, creativity or leadership. They expect their employer to develop new skills as they have an acute perception of the pace of change of the working world. 41% of them think that their current job could be done by a computer program, robot or Artificial Intelligence in 10 years’ time.

Not surprisingly, young people in emerging markets are most confident that they have the skills necessary for their professsional career. (e.g 60% in India vs 25% in France).

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